About Us

We have been designing and manufacturing  world class and Dazzling quality jewelry and Ladies shalwar Kameez since 1998. We specialized In all kinds of jewelry and Ladies Shalwar Kameez.

We also deals in gold jewelry with and without semi Precious stones.

We also deals in semi Precious stones.

We also help and provide support & information on healing with semi Precious stones.

We are specialized in Rubies, Emerald and Pearl jewelry.

We do Jewelry which is a combination of exquisite designs, exceptional Quality and excellent craftsmanship.

Our all Product are hand made.


22 Karat Gold is 91.67 % in purity.

24 Karat gold is 99.999% Pure. 100% pure gold is nearly impossible to refine.

24 Karat gold is not useful for making jewelry, because of its Softness and manageability.

Other metals like silver, copper, Nickel, zinc, tin and manganese should be mixed with 24 Karat gold to get 22 karat gold.

Higher 'Karat' means, highest Purity. The color of the 22 Karat Gold, which is used For jewelry making is depends on the amount of other metals mixed with Gold.

22 Karat gold is sometimes referred as 22K. Pakistani mostly use 22 karat gold for jewelry making.

Jewelry for us sells mostly 18 and 22 karat gold.